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Today's Home Inspector is "In The House"

Jan 30, 2019

1) What sets you apart? Why should I hire you? Keep reading and listen/watch - - because you want to give the client a "Unique" value proposition.  

2) Who is your target audience? If you can't answer this question you can't answer Question #1. 

3) What are your client's pain points? How well do you know your client? You should be able to very quickly identify with your client's challenges.

4) How will your inspection service remedy the issues? Once you have a good understanding of how your services remedy your target audience's pain points, you can begin to present your opinion in a way that is meaningful and delivers value.

This episode is also available on our YouTube Channel. We have a HOW TO video that dives a bit deeper into the tools we used to create the video reviews and offer a few tips and tricks. Our Channel is here: 

Video Part I: 

...and Part II: 

We mentioned HomeBinder in this episode:

Need an inspector? GO HERE and find them on a interactive easy to read MAP: