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Today's Home Inspector is "In The House"

Jun 24, 2018

Developed by the Department of Energy, the Home Energy Score provides information about a home’s energy use. Similar to the MPG rating for a car, it reports the home’s efficiency  on a simple one-to-ten scale, where a ten represents the most efficient homes.

The inspection needed to provide the data is performed by home inspectors.

Brent Loya has been presented with the Innovation Award for 2018 by the Department of Energy and he and his company IDENERGY helps inspectors become assessors.

Obviously - as a homeowner - What if my home scores a 2?

What next?

Let’s address the politics…It’s still voluntary...right?...this type inspection is elective.

Last month a Massachusetts Senate bill introduced to “mandate” the energy score was killed - citing  the requirement would


  • interfere with the real estate market…
  • add cost and complicate an already complex transaction
  • could "stigmatize" certain properties
  • target homeowners who cannot afford certain upgrades/repairs
  • and...raise constitutional privacy concerns


Proponents of the bill argued:


  • “it's a consumer protection issue"
  • automakers were once strongly against miles-per-gallon stickers on cars.
  • providing information and incentives to button up the housing stock would provide broad economic and environmental benefits
  • and would help lower-income homeowners who pay high energy bills


When marketing the service - how do you pitch this inspection service? How do we stay out of the weeds of the political battles?


I’ve taken the course - how do I get hired? I’ve seen the Find an Assessor map on the DOE website. But when I click on each state I see a link an inspector association or a state power association. I noticed the links are set up as a partner? Talk about the network of partners. Can a home inspector be a partner?


You’ve finish an assessment - now what? You can market this program to existing home owners as well.



How can a homeowner pay for the repairs? Are there funding options?

Energy Score Website


Senate Bill that was killed: